Live from Baghdad

My adventures in Iraq.

Monday, March 21, 2005

120 days (and counting)

Last night I ran into two guys that I processed through Fort Bliss with a lifetime ago. Okay, so it's only been four months, but that means that today is my original deployment end date. The guys I saw last night were flying out today and I could have been on that plane.

I was depressed for a moment as I want to see my wife three days from now, not two months. But then I realized that I'm not done in Iraq. Not quite. It took me three months to figure things out and only in the last four weeks have I begun to make my mark. We have a dozen infrastructure project about to come online and I want to be here to watch clean water flowing. We're kicking off a program to provide Iraqi engineers with operations and maintenance training to leave a legacy of working facilities.

I'm on the last lap now, it's not time to quit.