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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I'm heading down to our offices in Basrah in southern Iraq for a couple days. Don't worry Mom, Basrah is the relatively safe part of the country. And I get to go drink Guiness with the Brits (if any US military personnel are reading this, I will be in full compliance with General Rule 1A - it will be non-alcoholic Guiness, promise!)

Thus, I may be out of touch until next week. I know you will all miss reading my rants and raves, but here's something far more entertaining:


The writer is a young Army lieutenant tank commander who saw action in Baquabah and recently in Falluja. War sucks and most of you know what I think of this war in general, but the thought of running over almost everything and blowing the rest of the stuff up just gives me goosebumps. My rugby teammates will understand, or at least the forwards will.

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