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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another View

A fellow USACE employee has a great blog about his year in the Green Zone: Citizen Frank. Captain Frank Myers is an Army Reservist who was called up last summer wresting him away from his law practice, his wife and two kids. He is part of our 9-member Operations team at GRD Headquarters and he also serves as the night-duty officer, working every night shift.

I got a late-evening email from CPT Myers earlier this week with an urgent message to call him. I've never been in the military, but when an officer-in-charge asks me to do something, I jump on it. Ends up, CPT Myers is also the Information Officer for the Ops Center and is tasked with looking for news on USACE's mission in Iraq. He Googled my blog and the first entry he sees was your favorite idiot civilian reporting on US military operations! (see earlier post on USAF) He was very nice about pointing out my mistake and encouraged me to keep posting, just to use a little more common sense in the future.

I guess this is one case where it's good to know Big Brother is watching.