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My adventures in Iraq.

Friday, December 17, 2004

New New Job

Remember when I mentioned that things happen quickly around here? Well, I won't be the Power Sector Manager for very long. The current Water Sector Manager is heading to Falluja (say a prayer for him), so they're promoting me to a permanent Sector Manager. At least I can't blow things up at a water treatment plant! I'll be responsible for all the USAID water, sewer, and landfill projects in the country. I've already been to a couple of meetings with the Deputy Mayor of Baghdad and his engineering staff and will probably be meeting with the Minister of Water (similar to a Cabinet Secretary) sometime soon.

In other news, I've also been talked into extending my deployment by two months. Don't worry, I cleared it with Susan and my parents first and while they're not thrilled, they understand that I'll need that long to make a real contribution over here. My apologies to my rugby team, but I'll still be home in time for Nationals.