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Monday, November 15, 2004

Day 1: El Paso

Hi Everyone, this is actually Susan reporting on behalf of Chris since he does not have access to a computer tonight.

Let's see - first of all, to everyone and all who came out to the slew of going-away parties, both of us cannot thank you enough for your friendship and support, we appreciate all of you and your good wishes and prayers.

So, today: Sunday November 14, 2004. Chris departed for El Paso at 8:55am after having coffee and croissants at a favorite neighborhood bakery this morning. Thank goodness he forgot his sunglasses at home, and decided to grab his sport coat when we swung by home, since it was 37degrees and raining in El Paso when he arrived, and he was originally wearing a golf shirt and jeans.

According to him, most the day was spent being briefed on what they will be briefed on this week. He had an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) for lunch, and is living in a dormitory style building on the 3d floor. He is there with all the other Corps of Engineers, Reserves, National Guard and even Blackwater and other private firm guys. He said it was kind of like being in "camp", they also have their first formation at 5:10am tomorrow. Tomorrow they receive some sort of first aid training, and as of now he'll be in El Paso until Saturday, then Kuwait for a few (2-3) days, and then to the big B.

That is all the news worth reporting, for anyone interested you can still reach him on his cellphone this week, also feel free to email him to his phone at:

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Much love